Final week of the 28 Day Challenge…

In the words of Mary Tyler Moore… “We’re Gonna Make It After All”! 

I’ve truly enjoyed the last 23 days. It hasn’t been perfect, but that’s not what it’s about. It’s been progress! With the support of my FitGirl sisters I’ve stayed mostly in check. I’ve made better choices. I’ve in walked much more than I was. Finding new places to walk to keep it exciting. That’s as much thanks to Pokémon Go as FitGirl though. Not embarrassed at all to admit that. 

I’m down 7.9 lbs and that’s pretty darn good. I thought last week I was gonna need to buy a new scale as the damn thing was stuck between 280 and 282 for 6 DAYS!!! That’s why they say don’t look at the scale. But I can’t help it. I’m a glutton for punishment I guess. 

But but on Monday, yes Monday I got on there and it said 278.2, I did the biggest happy dance. I win you damn scale. I didn’t quit! I kept on track and I broke through to the next block of 70’s. I find that if I stick to blocks of 10 instead of that big scary number it works much better. So 70’s I’m gonna kick your ass to the 60’s!!! 

Someone asked me if I get paid to advertise for FitGirls Guide. The answer is no! But I still rave about them because I found something I like. That works for me, and if it helps anyone out, then that’s all the payment I need. It has drastically reduced how much I spend on food by eating out and eating crap. I feel better and the food is delicious! Don’t believe me? Check out some of the pictures of my food at CarmenFitGirl . You’ll also see more progress pics on there too. 

Veggie Power Bowl
Fajita Zucchini Boats

I’ll post final weight loss on Monday for the 28 Day Challenge. But I plan to start the next 28 Days that same day. Comment if you want to join me and I’ll follow you on Instagram! 



Current Weight 278.2 Down 7.9lbs

My Happy Face

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