One stomach flu away from my ideal weight…

Ok so that’s not totally accurate, but my motivation did start with the stomach flu. I l did however; loose a little over 4 pounds in just 2 days. I thought to myself “why not keep the momentum going?” I’d already decided to start my week long cleanse on Sunday prepping juices for Monday and Tuesday. Which I drank thank you very much. And last night I made juices for today and tomorrow. My plan is to do the juicing cleanse till Sunday and then start back up with the 28 day FitGirl JumpStart. Follow my journey in pictures on Instagram! Don’t know what a juice cleanse is? Go to Netflix and watch the movie Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. If you aren’t motivated after that, you’re a glutton for punishment (pun intended)! 

Not all the juices are tasty. In fact some of them are downright gross! The hold your nose and drink out of a straw gross. But on the flip side, some of them are absolutely delicious. So good you’d want to bottle them up and sell them good. If you watch the move don’t let Joe fool you. That mean green juice is disgusting! But alas I’m drinking two bottle of it today. So chug a lug and don’t breathe! I drink those back to back. I like to save the best for last. No need to prolong the gross!

I hate that I have to start all over again. But I gotta start. So for accountability and for the sake of honesty my starting weight on Monday morning was 286.1lbs. Please don’t stare at that number too long! Today I’m at 281.9lbs. Already almost out of the 80s! I do better when I just shoot for being in the next 10 range. Small goals till I hit the real goal! Going to start the walking again today. Gave myself the 1st two days to get acclimated, but now it’s on! Leonard is going to be so excited!

So I’m hoping those of you who started in January have stuck with it. If you didn’t start in January and you want to start in February with me jump on board. Leave your progress in the comments below! Stay tuned. It’s gonna be ugly, before it becomes fun!

 Only 101.9lbs to go!






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