Father’s Day at an orphanage…

I woke up this morning and popped out of bed like bread out of a toaster. Not really, but I still woke up excited! Alesha and I got our bags packed and headed down for breakfast. I couldn’t wait to get out of our room. We won’t get into the AC convo again just yet… But let’s just say the restaurant turned my frown upside down. And not only because it had AC but because the food was awesome!!!

John gave a message about Paul the apostle. He used Paul because in the bible he is considered one of the greatest missionaries. He didn’t go into cities to try and change the culture. They already had churches established. He went to encourage them and pray for them. Much like we will be doing this week! 

John giving the daily devotional

American’s don’t know what Juevos Rancheros are. Like me we aim to make it look pretty, and change it so completely we wouldn’t recognize the dish in its native country! This ladies and gentlemen is what real, delicious, cooked perfectly Juevos Rancheros looks like. 

After breakfast we loaded the van again and made our way out of VeraCruz. Alesha and I were on the bus when Maria Elena came down to ask if we might’ve taken a wash cloth. Huh? Umm no. I used it in the shower and left it there after use. Oh! Well apparently in Mexico they don’t use wash cloths for that. I’m not gonna ask what they do use. But in America…

We made a quick stop at Gran Cafē De La Parroquia for another Cafē con Leche! Mmm, Starbucks ain’t got nothing on this Coffee! Only Destyni’s Cafē is a close second! So let’s hit the road folks. Cause we got people to fall in love with and things to do. 

Apparently in Mexico when driving you must straddle the line dividing the two sides of the highway. Maybe that is their form of a DUI test? If so our driver was on point! Except when there is a car coming from the opposite direction that makes you do a pants check after you’re sure you’ve made it out alive! Enough said!

We arrived in Tuxtepec, Mexico in the early afternoon. Just in time to unload the bags, and get in a nice lunch before heading to the orphanage  

Maria Elena and Don ran into another group of missionaries and they joined us for lunch and the afternoon at the orphanage. They were serious eye candy😍.. But I digress. Where was I? 

Finally we met little Armando who led us to the Chiria Children’s Home. Armando was adorable! I’m Just going to show you a picture of the home and let it sink in…

There’s patches of grass and the rest is all gravel. They’ve got a pretty great playground and a basketball court. Around the courtyard area are rooms and quarters. But you know what? They were wonderful! And we played like little kids with them all day. There was no TV or movies. No video games or iPads. It was pure, sweat your butt (and everything else) off, good old fashioned outdoor fun!

We went into what I think was the dining room and Shannon with the help of Maria Elena as translator did such an awesome job ministering to the kids! She used the puppets and played “Shackles”, followed by an even better skit using Dylan and little Armando as David and Goliath. We learned 

Philippians 4:13 KJV

[13] I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

in both English and Spanish.  

Everyone loved it. Especially when Armando (aka David) took down Dylan (aka Goliath) and cut his head off! We all knew Dylan wasn’t going to make it through this trip without one attemp on his life. In this case he was lucky. It came from a 6 year old using an animal balloon as a sword. He may not get so lucky with Hannah! 

By then it was so hot, and I’d already hit 10,000 steps, I was absolutely thrilled to hear we’d be taking the kids to the hotel pool with us. The men folk went to go look at some potential land to move the orphanage. The women folk went swimming! Little Dana took my heart and squeezed it with her hugs, kisses and absolute trust! I wanted to just keep her. I had to be reminded it doesn’t work like that. 

At 6:30 we, with the kids in tow headed out for dinner. 
I may never eat Mexican food outside of Mexico again. Because seriously we don’t know what Mexican food is in the US. We had Tacos and quesadillas from a Taco stand in front of the orphanage that provides income for the home. It’s literally and open kitchen with bar stools, and it’s the best Mexican food I’ve ever had in my entire life. That sentence isn’t even strong enough to describe how good this food was. Here look… And drool. But not on your electronic device. 1st it’s gross, and second I will not be held responsible for any damage. 

Hungry yet? 

 At the end we went back to the orphanage for another 2+ hours. Our time with these beautiful children was running out. And I already knew some of them were keeping a piece of my heart. You see, today is Father’s Day. And for whatever reason these children don’t have either a father or a mother. So today while most of us where away from ours, and missing them, they were just happy to be with us. That gets me right there. I have to move on. Because I’m going to mess up my iPad and it’s not with drool but tears. Wings of Eagles is doing an amazing thing here! You can tell the kids just love Maria Elena and Don! 

The beautiful children of Chiria Children’s Home

After we said our goodbyes we walked back to the hotel. Where I have now been sitting for 3 hours writing this. My room is officially freezing! Thank you sweet baby Jesus! Alesha is not as exited as me, but I threatened to cut her if she messed with the temp. So she now looks a roley poly and probably will be pretty stiff in the morning. I’ll trust God that we’ll work it out in the morning! For now prayers are being felt from our Believers’ Fellowship church, our friends and family! Keep them coming! Tomorrow we drive the four hours to Usila to start the hard work! 


6 thoughts on “Father’s Day at an orphanage…

  1. Thank you, Carmen, for details. My heart is there, feeling every tug from those kids. I am praying daily, constantly, for all of you that you be changed and have a new zeal for the things of God….. and bring it back to us. I love all of you and can’t wait to hear more stories.

  2. I loved reading every word of this! I know you already know this but I have to say it! You are such a great person with a huge heart! Love you!

    P.s. You have to try the Nopales! Yumm!!! I miss Mexico!!!

    1. Aww! Thank you Andrea. It was wonderful! I’ve got the next 2 days written too. You’ll have to read those. What an incredible experience. The food was incredible. The people even more so.

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