$10,000 and Generator…

An entire day of travel and I’m too wired to sleep! Phew! Left my house at 11:00am and got into bed about 20 minutes ago (our time 1:00am)! 

The Mission’s Team before coming to get me.
all together playing some games before the flight.

All ready! The entire team! from left to right…Aaron, Carmen  (AKA Me), Alesha, Shannon, Mike, Hannah, Maria R., Maria Elena, Stephan, Dylan, Don, Caleb, Maddie, Maria F., and Jon!

So we started off with prayers, 31 pieces of luggage, 15 personal items, and a generator! 11 hours later, by the grace of God everything and everyone has made it to Vera Cruz! We had a moment at the airport in Mexico where Dylan claimed he had over $10,000 in cash 😱, and they didn’t want to put the generator on the connecting flight. 

After they searched Dylan’s bag and found 5 boxes of maccorini and cheese, I think they believed him when he told them it was a mistake and he didn’t actually have that much money!

Going through customs

The generator was a little more complicated as the Mexicans wanted a bribe to put it through and onto the next plane, after technically it had already been checked in. Jon pulled us all together for a quick prayer… We figured it was necessary when we noticed Don waiving his arms in the air in irritation! We prayed it would get through and on to the plane in whatever means necessary. Including if necessary the back door. And wouldn’t you know that’s exactly how it happened. God has a sense of humor and a knack for accuracy. Leave it to a woman to make it happen! Thank you unknown lady for making it work. Thank you Holy Spirit for the gentle shove!

After that we sat around waiting to find out our gate. Only for it to finally post on the screen 15 min before we needed to be on our plane. Maria R. and I were searched for bombs, all electronic devices and our sanity as we sweat the whole way through security. We came out to hear our names literally being called on the PA as last call. I haven’t run that fast and that long since I almost missed the last train from Rome to Zurich with Luis! Alas we all got on the bus to the plane. Apparently they had no idea it hadn’t posted!!! No speaky English. 

We made it on plane number 2!
Hannah and Maddie very excited we made it!

We were of course starving by the time we got to VeraCruz! Thankfully Maria Elena and Don know the place!! They took us to Gran Cafē De La Parroquia! The coffee… Oh the coffee! And the Tostadas! Beyond good! 

Obligatory picture in front of the restaurant.
this guy can pour!
Shannon and I
The Tostadas! No Taco Bell for us! Yumm!

AC continues to be a challenge in my life… God I will pass this test! The church bus had no AC this morning, the first airplane had little to no AC, we ate dinner outside in the “cooler” Mexico breeze. I use cooler lightly. And now my room is the only room that doesn’t seem to have functioning AC. It’s beginning to feel a little more like a mission’ trip and a little less like a vacation… as it should. 
But again the blessings are there. Alesha and I are going to be great roommates! No one has hit or tried to kill Dylan, and we made it to the hotel with no signs of the Mexican Cartel! I can’t wait for tomorrow when we visit the orphanage and make the rest of the journey to Usila! Stay tuned! Thank you God for all your blessings! You ordained it and so it will be! 


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