52 Days…

Oh come on… That’s funny! But seriously, 52 days is a long time! I’m so extremely happy with how far I’ve come. 22 pounds down as of today. And it really does come down to making better food choices (yes, there was some very bad choices in there too, Tropicana…cough cough) and exercise, and lets not forget my trusty Fitbit!


This week though, I really just want to sit on my couch without moving. My AC has been out since Sunday night when I got home. That’s 4 days people with no air conditioning in Florida!!!! And Leonard still wants to cuddle! Out of sheer love for him I don’t kick him off me like I’m punting a field goal!

I don’t want to cook, clean, move, or breath in my house it’s so HOT! And I haven’t kept up my steps which makes me want to cry. Why? because I’m still sweating after I get in the house. And then I take a COLD shower only to come out and sweat again!

I’ve propped my box fan that I had on patio up on my table using my kettle bell because the damn thing likes to move, and since I’m not working out, might as well make use of said equipment. My cousin helpfully suggested I move it closer. I in a state of sweat responded with “That requires moving S***, I’m too hot to my myself”!




I’ve had to make good choices outside the home. And for the most part I’ve done pretty good. Not perfect, but good. Smoothies (Hold the 1/4 cup of sugar please), oatmeal from Starbucks with a skinny ICED vanilla, soy milk latte’, and the Southwest Salad from McDonald’s have been my saving grace. For dinner it has been a salad from Crisper or a Shakology Shake. Thanks again Alexandra!  I’ll be back on track next week. I’ve lost weight and inches still, so I’m not defeated. I actually think the weight loss is cause I’m sweating out of every pore on my body, but there has to be some perk to being without AC in June!

Thankfully a wonderful, amazing friend has a unit that she is willing to give me. Just give me. She makes my heart happy, and makes this entire experience livable because once again, it proves faithfulness in God is the biggest payoff!! I prayed over my AC unit and just told God, this is not a good time. I just repaired a wall in my house in May, I’ve had 3 plumbing issues in the past 2 years, and now this? But I decided short of sweating it out (clearly the pun is intended. Is it a pun when it’s actually just the truth?), my friends have stepped up to make recommendations, open their homes and have just shown the want to help! God’s grace is everywhere. There are still great, amazing, wonderful people out there, who love without reservation, and give when you have nothing to return at the moment.

And through it all I still lost 2 pounds. So all in all, this girl is still at it. Almost to the 25% mark, and out of the 60’s and into the 50’s of my goal. I get the occasional “Have you lost weight” question we all pray to hear and love to respond with “Why yes, yes I have”!

How’s your journey going? Would love to hear from you! Keep it real! Pit stains under my armpits are sexy right?





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