U.S. Holidays = Death of your diet

So yeah… About the last three days…

Some of you know that I’m going on a Missions trip in June. Some don’t. But I must say, I’ve never worked so hard to go on a trip where I know I’m going to be working hard! I spent Saturday and Sunday of this Memorial Day weekend at Tropicana Stadium working in one of their concession stands to raise money for our upcoming mission’s trip. As with any Stadium you can’t bring your own food and drinks in. And sadly a crisp green salad isn’t on the menu. So let’s just say there were hot dogs, Nachos and chicken fingers, OH MY! Only upside was I did over 25,000 steps in 2 days! As of Monday morning, there were 3 extra pounds on the scale! 😱

But that’s OK. Well it was… until my fantastic (used that word just for her) friend Clare invited me to spend the day with her and family. Yup! You guessed it! There was food! Large quantities of it! And my will power said “Good Bye”! Man was there some good stuff. Dips, and chips, hamburgers, and hot-dogs, fried chicken and baked goods. 6 week new me didn’t stand a chance! It was like my fat self held wanna be skinny me as a hostage! SMH!

But you know what? I don’t care! Because I’ve already made my food for tomorrow and I’m hopping right back on plan. I had such a good time with the Rumpliks that it is what it is. I think the test to resist is nothing like the one that’s says pick it up tomorrow, and don’t forget your goals.

And seeing as how it’s a Tuesday, that’s a bigger win. Because for 99% of AMERICANS diets only start on Monday! Don’t ask me why that is.

I hope everyone remembered what today was really about aside from the BBQ and laughs.  The reason for the day was not forgotten. Thank you to those who are serving, for those who have served, to the ones who made the ultimate sacrifice, and to the families they left behind! Freedom isn’t free!

Yup… This was my Monday

One thought on “U.S. Holidays = Death of your diet

  1. Definitely agree that the real test isn’t when you slip and fall, but how quick you get back up. Glad to hear your weekend was awesome and Tuesday you’re back on the plan! You’re doing great!!

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