2nd Round Week 1…Haters not welcome

So today is the beginning of Round 2 and it’s week 1! Making changes is hard. Keeping it going is harder. But There has been so much support out there for people who seriously try to better themselves. The Fit Girl Community is amazing! There are women all over the world that have chosen today, May 23rd, 2016 to change their lives. My journey began on the 18th of April, and today is the next step. Everything was hurting. I was almost 300 pounds and I just said enough is enough! Now 33 days later I’m actually really looking forward to the next 28 days. I’m taking it 28 days at a time.

I find that best thing that I can do is meal plan. Here is the beginning of this week’s…

I recently posted my 30 days and 17 pounds… on here. The support was unbelievable! So many people private messaged me, or commented on here and my Instagram page (@carmenfitgirl). But there were some that also tried to bring me down. There were some that tried to make fun of me. They used words like fat, heifer, fatty, liar, etc. I specifically used the word “tried” because their words had/have no effect on me. That was the best part! For the most part I didn’t even have to say anything. So many of my followers took care of it for me. My sister in law went so far as to report them. That gave me more strength, and drive than anything else!

I will never understand why people will feel the need, or want to bring someone else down. I will especially never understand why they do this on social media when they don’t even know me or my struggles. I don’t put myself out there to make anyone feel bad. I do it for accountability, encouragement, and maybe, just maybe to inspire others. I don’t believe in body shaming. I think it can be hurtful to someone who isn’t as strong.

I thank the ones that were positive and give them acknowledgment they deserve on here too. I will not only acknowledge the bad. The “You’re my inspiration”, “You’re so brave”, “How can I do what you’re doing” all deserve a big huge cyber hug! Thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart!

This weekend to celebrate the end of month one and to get my steps in, I princessed (is that a word, if it’s not it should be) my way around the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival.


Usually my limit on a diet is a month. I see results and I go back to my old ways. Not this time ladies and gentlemen! This is a new way of life! I’ve removed the word “diet” from my vocabulary. So don’t ask me how my diet is going. This time I will go all the way and reach my goals. I fully expect you to hold me accountable! If I don’t post for a while, say “Hey! What’s going on”! If I post that I’m in a place that doesn’t seem like it’s going to have good choices, I fully expect a #WOMP (What’s On My Plate)!

Good eating, and with the help of my Fitbit to make sure I’m moving is going a long way!


To anyone that needs encouragement, let me know. I want to be there for you! I want to give you support! And more than anything I want to shame the haters!

Have a phenomenal week all ya’ll!


5 thoughts on “2nd Round Week 1…Haters not welcome

  1. Just read your comment to me on the community pool regarding your 25k app. This is really awesome. There are so many incredible resources out there. It is inspiring to read about your positive goals.
    Wonderful you have been finding support from the Fit Girls community site. The running community has been wonderful for me. Even though I am 30 years older than the majority of runners out there, I am accepted for who I am.
    Keep being you. I am so glad any negativity has no effect on your health and fitness journey!
    Great to find your blog! 🙂

    1. I’ve used the C25K app in the past and it got me to my first 5k. So I’m eager to give it another shot. Just had to loose some weight first. I look forward to more of your posts. I’m constantly looking for inspiration and realistic goals. Thank you for the feedback! This is my journey! I will not allow anyone to steal my thunder! Carmen

  2. It’s good to read you don’t let the negative comments get to you. I really admire your attitude. 🙂 Also good on you for starting your next 28 days. 😀 Good luck again this week.

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