30 days and 17 pounds…

Yesterday I hit that magic number! 30 days! It has not been without its struggles. Some of it though, has been highly entertaining! I am very good at laughing at myself. I am so excited to say I’ve lost 17 pounds!! And I’m feeling fantastic!

Getting off the couch and moving, making smart decisions at the grocery store and not walking down the junk food aisle have all been little wins along the way! I overcame the urge of emotional eating and  that in itself was a BIG DEAL!

But let me tell you… I can also see it! I haven’t put my before picture up on here because I was embarrassed by it. But now that I can see the progress, I’m willing to share. So for the sake of full disclosure, and to keep things honest here you go!

 I know the front one isn’t as obvious and that’s OK. When you’re my size, 17 pounds isn’t as obvious. Where I can really see it is from the side. My clothing is looser, I can walk farther, and go up more steps without loosing my breath. And I finally did an entire hour on the death machine. You know it as the elliptical.


Even better is that I have gotten other people in my family and friends to get motivated. Nothing better than encouraging people to do something good for themselves! On Monday I start the next 28 days of the Fit Girl series. What an awesome and supportive group of people! If you’re interested in further following my journey you can follow me @carmenfitgirl via Instagram. 

Well that’s all for today! Just wanted to share the progress! Please no body shaming! I will delete negative comments. I’m sharing my journey, but haters are not welcome! If you have any questions just ask!

Anyone who doesn’t feel proud of your effort or 1 pound…

one pound of fat

7 thoughts on “30 days and 17 pounds…

      1. You’re welcome! Not sure what the norm is, but 17 pounds seems like A LOT to me. And you can do an hour on the elliptical to boot. You go! Also thanks for the follow back.

  1. You’re awesome, Carmen!! So proud of you. Keep it up. I’m with you on this journey as I gained 30 pounds and could lose weight but not keep it off until I read The Metabolism Miracle by Diane Kress (suggested by my Dr.) and have been sticking with that diet for the past 4 weeks and already lost 9 pounds. On my 5’2″ frame that’s a size. Every body is different. My problem that I just recently discovered is that I am insulin resistant, so I have to learn to eat differently. It’s not just a calories in, calories out thing. I was so frustrated, but now I understand why nothing was working for me. The key is to learn how to eat right and keep moving. Always work toward getting stronger and making good food choices. The rest will follow! I congratulate you on your progress and your bravery. Can’t wait to see your next progress photos!!

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