Week 4 and I’m on a roll…

What? Did I read the date correctly? I’m half way through week 4! How did that happen?! Oh yeah, I worked my butt off, made some pretty delicious food, and I bragged about it. You’re welcome!

But really, this has been much more enjoyable than I originally thought possible. Until I decided to change up my exercises to the one in the actual Fit Girls Guide. Me and co-worker… we’ve been breezing through the circuit. Not sure what that is? Read There’s goals and then there’s reality… It’ll make you laugh a little too. So I decided we were going to do the workouts from the actual book. OMG! I have not sweat before! I didn’t even know what sweat was! Sweat? What’s sweat? Sweat is the workouts in the Fit Girls Guide!


We started with Arms on Monday. Not gonna lie. Because as you can see, telling the truth is way more entertaining. I could only complete two circuits! I was on the floor, on my back, praying to God that I’d be able to use my arms to get off the floor. But at that moment they felt so much like Gumby arms, they were useless. Give me a minute while I catch  my breath from the flash back….. Ok! Phew! On another note, the elliptical at my gym did not record my steps (it doesn’t have the arm handles)!!! it recorded 685 steps of my 3070! WTF?

I have decided that the little green lights on my Fitbit are not a heart rate monitor, but a little brain washing mechanism that tells me I must complete my 10,000 steps! Because I went home that night and Leonard and I did 2 1/2 miles so that my damn Fitbit showed I made my steps! Seriously there is something seriously warped about feeling this need to make a device on my wrist vibrate and tell me congrats!

Brainwashing green lights!

Tuesday wasn’t much better with legs. All I have to say is Burppees! But on a positive note, me and co-worker finished all three sets! And then I messaged my family and let them know I was dead, and they could find me in tomorrow’s (which is today’s) obituary. Died while doing burpees. Everyone would’ve understood. But alas, I survived. I’m walking a little funny, and my arms still feel like lead weights, but I have survived.



And then  my friend, whom I love dearly, and haven’t seen in a while calls and says, hey wanna go to the gym?! Um I’ve already done an hour today. Oh come on, we’ll just do 30 minutes of cardio. Like that is incentive. It’s a good thing I love her and know that it’s good for me. Because otherwise I would’ve responded with “That’s not my idea of quality time!” But I did enjoy it. 24 days into this whole better me thing, and I’m thinking in new ways. I was actually even able to hold a conversation on the death machine, aka the elliptical. It’s all progress.

Today is just a cardio day! Friend’s mother in law and friend are joining me again today with Cardio day. Friend’s mother in law says “I love Cardio”. I had to share this meme. She knows I love her. Don’t worry! Jeeze!

FullSizeRender (2)


I’ll finish with two of my favorite dishes so far this week! Mediterranean Polenta and Fitberry Shortcake (there’s no cake, lies I tell ya)! Both are extra yumm!

Mediterranean Polenta
Fitberry Shortcake – cake

Make good choices ladies and gents! Till next time!


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