Have you lost weight?

It happened! It finally happened! 2 1/2 weeks into clean eating, and exercise and someone asked that validating question… “Have you lost weight”? Why yes, yes I have!


Now truly, it’s not just about the losing weight. It’s about being healthy, but the losing weight is the best part!

But it’s of course, not without temptations. I just went to Miami for the weekend. I have decided that losing weight in Miami is an impossibility for me. This other wise really white girl, goes straight back to her Cuban roots as soon as I cross the Broward/Dade County line!


My step-father told me once that I have become uber Cuban in regards to food on my visits home. But not this past weekend! I took some of my own food with me. And I even pre-planned with my family for Sunday night dinner. Saturday was hard. I had a baby shower and wedding to attend. I did really good at both. For the shower, my amazing mother switched plates with me so I could have the healthier option (She’s awesome). And at the wedding I ate half my meal. And I danced for 4 hours straight! So that was some excellent calorie burning right there !

Sunday morning was epic fail time though! It marked the anniversary of my grandmother’s passing. We went to mass as a family, but then it was time for breakfast. If you’re from Miami, you know we ended up at La Carreta. SMH! It’s OK. I had the healthiest omelette I could have them make. But then I added Cafe’ con Leche, Bacon, and Cuban Bread. I LOVED EVERY SINGLE MINUTE OF IT! Family time and good food. I’m not even sorry. Just sayin, I only came back one pound more and I lost it on Monday!

Overall I find this damn fit-bit (we have a secret love/hate relationship) really does make me do the 10,000 steps a day. Leonard is loving it. He walks a mile with me at night when I’m short about 2,000 steps. He stands at the door like “Come on fat-ass, I know you still needs steps”!


In the end I’m always glad I did!

So how’s your healthy lifestyle going? Oh I didn’t mention it before, I’ve lost 8 pounds and 1 inch around the waist. Happy Dance on Hump Day!

Keep strong ladies! XOXO


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