Happy Hump Day…

I hurt! I hurt all over! My legs and arms are killing me! But that’s not even strange. The strangest place that hurts is under my arms! Literally my armpits hurt! Not to mention I burned the crap out of my forearm last night! But that was worth it. Because it was in the process of making my Dreamy Shrimp Polenta!

Check this out!


Yes, I did make it. And as previously stated I have the burn mark to prove it! This has to be the tastiest thing I’ve ever made. Other than this Paula Dean red velvet cake years ago! But now we’re eating healthy. So we’ll keep that as a distant memory.

IMG_9317Proof of said burn mark!

As I was starting off with… Happy Hump Day! I’m so glad it’s Wednesday! Lots to look forward to this weekend. And Wednesday means I’m almost there. It also means no gym today. Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving the gym. Did an hour yesterday! Co-worker and I are on a roll! We did 30 minutes on the death machine, otherwise known as the elliptical. And you know it… It was legs day. Man I hate legs days! It’s bad enough my arms already hurt from arms on Monday, but now my legs feel like Jello!

Fitbit did it’s mind control thing yesterday! Said I had about 1100 steps left to hit the 10,000 steps goal. So even after going to the gym, taking Leonard to the dog park, and making dinner, Leonard and I did another mile walk! It felt great when that little buzzer celebrated my 10,000 steps! I’m telling you, it has little parasites going up my arm into my brain telling me to move more! There is not way in the past I would’ve gotten off my butt and went for a walk after dinner since living on my own. But I’m so happy I did! No regrets here!

I was so tired I was in bed by 10:00 pm last night! That’s like a record for me! I never go to bed that early. Didn’t even have the energy to watch TV. Just read a couple of chapters of my favorite book of all time Kane and Abel by Jeffrey Archer. If you’ve never read it, you must!

Well that’s all for now peeps! Keep it real! That just sounded nothing like me. Have a great day!

And I’ll leave you with another very cute meme!



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