It’s funny how one little thing…

It’s funny how one little thing can make you more excited about making changes. Or tracking progress. As I mentioned yesterday I ordered the new FitBit Charge HR. I couldn’t wait to get home and find it on my doorstep! Thank you Amazon for same day delivery! Ordered it early, and I had it by 8:00 that night! I actually got home at 7:00 and went into detective mode. It wasn’t there and I had a moment of thinking someone might haveĀ stolen it! Sorry human race. I don’t always trust you!

I had to finish cooking my dinner (which I was right in the middle of doing) before I would allow myself to open the box. Quick! Before I forget! Check out my amazing homemade meal!


Kale Sunset Salad and Pumpkin Lasagna Rolls!

Isn’t it pretty? OK! Now back to the FitBit. So I ate my delicious dinner and ripped open the box. Well not actually ripped open. I’m not the Hulk! I took scissors and sliced the seem to reveal my brand new toy! I’d already created my account earlier by downloading their app. So all I had to do was sync and use! Check it out!


What I meant earlier about how one little thing makes changes; well I wanted steps! I wanted to see it work! So I grabbed Leonard’s leash and decided to take a walk around my neighborhood. I did the first lap when I got back to my house and realized I didn’t press go! Duh! So I of course had to do another one. When I got back around it said .45 miles. What? I only thought It was .25 miles. I was happy enough that I wanted to complete the full mile. Which of course was a mile and a half since I didn’t track that first half mile like a dumbass! So strange I tell you! Not to mention I’d already spent an hour in the gym after work! Me and the co-worker are still speaking thankfully!

Still haven’t figured out how to completely work this FitBit thing, but I’ll get the hang of it! Would love some comments and feedback from you readers, if you’re a user on what you think! I read about several of the different devices and this one had the best reviews and the most features.

This morning it said I was restless 21 times last night! Holy Cow! I’m not even sure how Leonard slept through that (Leonard is my dog)! Hoping that will get better!

Here’s another meme I found yesterday that I loved! Story of my life!

FullSizeRender (1)

P.S. If we’re keeping track, I’m down 6 pounds as of today! Go me!



7 thoughts on “It’s funny how one little thing…

  1. Carmen this is the best decision you made !! I love my Fitbit ! Along with clean eating and working. Out (getting your steps ) you will crush your goals keep at it

  2. I’m so proud for you Carmen! There is one thing in life that is always constant… CHANGE! You have to continue changing to make your life just that much better. Walt Disney said it best, “… You have to keep moving forward.” Comfortability is worst thing for some people. No matter what Carmen, know that I am behind you 100%. Keep going girl, one 1/2 mile at a time. I love you and know you can do this!

  3. I love my Fitbit, I’ve had it for over two years and when I’m on a roll it surely motivates me. You have steps when yo wake up because it tracks them by movement so if your swinging your arm while you roll over it tracks it.

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