Week 2 and still on track…


I survived the weekend! What I mean to say is, that well I only had 1 piece of bacon. And you know what?! I don’t even feel bad about it! Because I rocked my first weekend full of temptations, dinner invitations and a baby shower! Yeah ladies… A baby shower. Where they had all those cute pigs in a blanket (don’t ask me how, but by sheer will power alone I didn’t eat one), chicken wings ( I deserve a freaking trophy), guacamole (are you dying yet), and chips with salsa! Not to mention, a seafood dip and crackers! Feel free to bow down to my awesomeness! If you don’t, I may not speak to you again. Just saying…

But I feel really good about it. I wasn’t hungry! I did think about food a lot, but while I made my friend bacon, scrambled eggs with cheese, and one of my English muffins I had my fridge oats, and one slice of bacon. And you know what? I was just as happy enjoying her company.

Week one hasn’t been easy. I won’t lie to you. But I made it to the gym twice, ate healthy all week, and lost my 4.7 pounds. So all in all, I know I’m ready to brave week two. I did my meal prep yesterday for most of my lunches this week! Check this out…


How beautiful is that?!?!? It’s called Salade Nicoise Redux. I call it Tuna Salad with veggies. But you know, some people like it fancy. Thank you Paulina for reminding me to take a picture!  I get to have cranberries too. Check out the homemade salad dressing. Are you drooling yet? Cause I am, and I get to eat it in 6 minutes! Oh yeah baby!

Co-worker and I are hitting the gym today after work. I’m excited, that she’s excited too. Who else get’s pumped by being told their motivational? How nice is that?! I also ordered my new  FitBit today with the heart rate monitor. I want to hold myself accountable. And other friends always talk about how just a little more and I’ve met today’s goals. I went with the black… even though I really, really wanted the teal. But unfortunately teal doesn’t go with everything (who knew). But I did find some covers I could order in teal. So best of both worlds right?

Tonight’s dinner is pumpkin lasagna. I don’t know about you, but that sounds amazeballs! It isn’t even the fall season yet! Happiness in spring!

Good luck ladies! Keep your goals in front of you! You too can do this! Dinner picture coming later!


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