It’s Saturday… FitGirl What?

So Monday – Friday eating healthy is a breeze… for some people. Who am I kidding? Up until this week, food was about survival and fun! It tastes so good!  Let’s try this again. My brain got side tracked. So again, Monday – Friday is easier once you make the decision to start doing better. But then comes the weekend. My brain wants to forget all the good I’ve done, the sacrifices, I’ve made, the people I didn’t kill while I was hangry! Like this morning I would  normally reward myself with Chick-Fil-A because I had to drag my unhappy butt out of bed (Leonard is not on speaking terms with me now) to go to work. But step one has been defeated! Thanks to my pre-made fridge oats, I slept 10 minutes later, and had them for breakfast when I got to work.

You’d think with endless opportunities we have because we have more time, weekends would be ideal for healthy eating. They’re not! I’m thinking of all the things I’ve packed into my two days of freedom, and I can see why, without planning I’ve made so many bad decisions… in the past (you like that?)!  Well bad decisions meant delicious food, greasy food, comfort food, etc. So they couldn’t be all bad could they? Of course they were, they tasted AMAZING!  I must train my brain that good, healthy food can be just as delicious. I’ve seen it in the food decisions my more health conscious friends and family make. So I decided to write this today. I wanted to make myself truly think about my actions this weekend, and more to be accountable to you my readers… and myself!


This helped too! Hope you all have a great weekend! Make good choices!



2 thoughts on “It’s Saturday… FitGirl What?

  1. Love it! I would normall get up and go out for breakfast tacos or donuts with my guys! I kind of got lucky that all three of them are off camping with the Boy Scouts so I could get up and have my healthy breakfast at home and then go for a am walk. Keep up the good work! I’ll be watching! 😉

    1. Haha! Thank you! I have to keep it real. Like the book said. Since my goal is a healthy lifestyle I can’t pretend temptation isn’t around every corner! Thanks for checking it out! Appreciate the feedback!

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