Oh Caffeine how I miss thee…

Eat healthy they said. Exercise they said. Cut out the bad stuff like caffeine and sugar and starch and rain drops on roses and whiskers on kittens. Make sure to exercise too, because the rest isn’t hard enough (read previous post…Click Here) right?

It’s day 5! Oh my goodness I have made it to day 5! I’m a little tired, I’m a little hangry, I’m a little lighter! 4.5 pounds lighter to be exact! Still no closer to showing you all my before pictures, but I’m a little happier that after 5 days, I have something to show for it. Other than of course that nauseating “Oh I’m doing so good for my body and health (it’s true, but no one wants to hear it)”. Let’s be honest… Lifestyle changes sounds so nice. And I agree… I’m in dire need of one. But we’re all doing it for the happiness we feel when that little digital number shows a lower number than the last time we stepped on it.


But come on!! Why does coffee, sugar, and starch have to be so bad for you? I’ve had two cups of coffee this week. The first one was pretty much so I wouldn’t get fired. I mean breathing fire, and wanting to kill someone is not good for my resume. The second one was today. I literally felt like my head was going to split, or I was going to fall asleep at my desk. So I took a power nap at lunch and had my second cup of coffee this week with almost no creamer. When you’re used to drinking soda 2 to 3 times a day, and having coffee every morning, I don’t look at this as cheating. I look at it as salvation for mankind, and well job security. And to be honest it is progress.

The hardest is the Soda. I had just bought a two liter of Coca Cola, and it is still sitting on my counter unopened. I chose the coffee over the soda because for me it’s worse than Pringles and Lays potato chips. I can’t have just one sip or even just one glass, I would down the whole bottle!! Going to have to give it away this weekend. Because at night, it talks to me. Being single, (well except for Leonard, see his picture below) I might have to snuggle with it. Then I’ll dump it on someone else. Is that like taking crack to an AA meeting?


But honestly folks… I’m happy I’m doing it. And the support has been great! Going to the gym again today. So now I won’t be able to lift my arms and I’m going to walk funny. Pretty much going to become the missing link between humans and monkeys. But since I couldn’t find an image of moneys walking like funny humans after the gym. Here is my favorite of what I think I look like planking, and what I actually look like!


You’re welcome. Stay strong this weekend ladies!! Party time does not have to include food… Said no one ever! But I’m giving it a try. Food has already been prepared! Yeah Baby!



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