There’s Goals and then there’s reality…

So day 3 of my #FitGirl life! Woo Hoo! Go me! I am woman hear me roar! Well not really roar, cause I’m not Katy Perry and I can’t get away with it looking cool. But I digress. I’ll preface with this; If you’re reading this to be inspired, look for another post. I’m a little too honest to lie to you like that!

So yesterday I get my coworker to agree to go to the gym we have here at work. I’m all like, “We’re going to start slow and do 30 minutes of cardio and then we’ll do the circuit”. She’s all like… “You must know what you’re doing. What’s a circuit”? So I explain that it’s a set of machines that are already set up in the gym. And all you have to do is adjust the weight, but it helps figure out how to do arms and legs (like how I included that for all of you that didn’t know what a circuit was either).

So Yay! Gym time! Said no one ever!

But we went. I put on my spandex (which I appropriately only wear to the gym, no names… but you know who you are), which by the way was tighter that I remember it being. I mean it’s spandex! Shouldn’t’ it fit forever?  But it’s OK, I tell myself, everyone in there is there to get healthy. No body shaming.

So yeah, let’s do this 30 minutes on the elliptical I tell my co-worker. We can do this I tell her. I’ve got my phone, I’ve got ear buds, and I’m ready. 5 minutes in… It’s not so bad. Not a fan of this machine. But hey, I’ve conquered these 5 minutes. 10 minutes in… Did I really say 30 minutes? What was I thinking. My co-worker isn’t looking much better. I can imagine how I look. This machine is evil. I don’t remember it being this bad. Everything hurts. Am I having a baby and I didn’t know about it?!?!? Oh wait no. I’m just fat and out of shape. I don’t say that in a self demeaning way. I said above, no body shaming. I say that in a OMG I have to get off this machine kind of way!

So 15 minutes and I give her the universal sign of we’re done. You know it… the I’m going to cut my head off sign, meaning stop. But it wasn’t far off the mark for me here. Because I wanted to cut something off last night. So, said co-worker and I reach for water like we’ve just exited the Sahara Desert! I admit to her, I can’t believe how hard 15 minutes on the machine was. She just looks at me. I’m hoping we’ll still be on speaking terms tomorrow.

And now it’s circuit time! I can do this. We’re just going to stick to arms. I tell her. This doesn’t seem to cheer her up either. But here we go! First set, we all know… not so bad. Second set, I have to make some adjustments. You know because my arm rolling out of the socket is not an attractive look. By the third set I’m pretty much cursing every fat cell in my body. It hurts, it hurts so bad! But I win evil machines! I win. Because me and the co-worker finished them all!! That’s right! Girl power!

I can honestly say it’s a chore to get myself to go. But once I do, I never regret it. Well till the next morning that is; when I would happily chop off both my arms. Co-worker admits that her arms are killing her too this morning. Who that hell said that’s a good thing?

Stay tuned… I’m sure it will get worse before it gets better!



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