28 Day FitGirl Challenge Process

So I’ve hit that number. The number you always said you’d never hit. Well I almost hit it. But it was close enough. I weigh 284 pounds!!!! Almost 300! 16 pounds away from a number that is too far. I don’t have body image problems. But recently I have been hurting all over. So as an Instagram user, I have seen the endless ads and posts from #FitGirl. So I’m going to try it. 28 Days. Isn’t that what they always say it takes to change a habit? Maybe it’s 30? But I like the number 28 better. For some reason it’s not as scary as 30. 

So I bought the book, and downloaded it to both my iPad and phone. I like that I carry it now with me, without actually carrying something else. I’ve read it. It is an easy read, informative, and best of all… comical. I like how simple it all sounds. And best of all, I like all the support you can get on Instagram. The pictures are great! Testimonies are very motivational for me. These women are putting themselves out there, and everyone is cheering them on! Rock on fabulous women who don’t body shame. And you know what? They’re all different sizes and body types. I love that!! 

So I took my iPad and used the shopping list. I LOVE SHOPPING LISTS!! Please don’t make me think about all I have to get. Just put it on a list and send me to the store. Funniest moment at the store had to be “Almond Butter”. I asked the guy in produce…”Excuse me, do you know where I can find Almond Butter”? He looked at me and then began to scratch his chin. The universal “I don’t know sign”! But being that I was at #Publix  #Where shopping is a pleasure! He worked it out with me. You go to dairy, I’ll go to nuts! Haha! Nuts! We both got it wrong. Then I had the light bulb over the head kind of moment, and said “Can it be like Peanut Butter”? He laughed because of course, that’s when he remembered that it was. 

Now I know why people meal plan on Sunday nights. OMG was I tired after meal prep! And um hello, should’ve started with marinating the chicken (slap open palm on forehead moment). Now don’t get me wrong. None of it was hard, it just took time. And it was Monday night. But I started with my dinner first. Sweet Potatoes Street Tacos are the bomb! I mean they are really, really good. See picture below. 


I made my Fridge Oats and let me tell you ladies & gentlemen… leave the parfait with someone else and do these. So easy and so yummy! I may be lifer! I love food, and so far I’m in love with what I’ve had. The veggie power bowl for lunch today was delish. And to my family and friends… I touched raw chicken, cut it up and weight it myself. I am a diva of chicken now! All hail to queen chicken. Sorry… I got carried away. 

Now for my opinion on water intake. So that part is easy. If I have my water bottle near me, I drink it. My only problem is the pee breaks. Man oh man do I pee a lot! That may be TMI. But anyone who has ever done healthy eating knows that water is essential. Me and the toilet are having a close personal relationship! I even drew numbers on it to keep track and mark it with a heart to keep track! Pretty stuff makes me happy! Also, I love the Vitamin Water water bottles. The cap is pretty much the best one out there! 


So expect more updates. And depending on how  my final photo looks, I will post my before. Because right now I’m not feeling it!

#fitgirl #fitgirlguide #BeYourOwnFitGirl #FitGirlPhotoChallenge

Stay tuned for updates!


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