Weekend in Miami…

So I’ve said before I’m from Miami. And a weekend trip to Miami is not uncommon for me. But this weekend I felt like a tourist in my own city.

The point of the trip was to celebrate the birthday of a very good and close friend of mine. We left on Friday night ( we being my friends Carolyn, Chris, their baby and Kim) and headed to my dad’s house. We stopped at Canoe Creek and ate at Natures Table. I had the best shake! It consisted of Kale, Spinach, and Yogurt. Once upon a time I would’ve pinched my nose at the thought, but now I can happily say I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was another 3 hours to Miami from there. Now for someone who usually makes this drive alone, it was so nice having friends along.

My friend Kim is originally from Miami but hadn’t been there for 14 years. So we were determined to show her some of the sites. The original plan was to take her to the Key Largo for the Sea Food Festival. The timing didn’t work out. So my two brothers Carlos and Luis along with my Sister-in-law Natalie took her to some of the yummy spots.

We started at Robert is Here. If you’ve never been, it’s a must. You have to have a milkshake. Luis gots some boiled peanuts and I bought an Ugly Fruit. It’s a combination of an orange, grapefruit and tangerine. It’s the juiciest, most delicious citrus fruit. We sat outside by the petting zoo. They have all kinds of animals in there.

Miami is always good for people watching. We saw families, couples, kids and even a cross dresser. Yes, you read that last one right.

From there we tried going to Knaus Berry Farm. Best Pies and cinnamon rolls in Miami. They’re made by the Amish and they’re only there seasonally. But the line was out the door and down the dirt sidewalk. So we opted to take her down Krome so she could admire the nurseries and get her a Pan con Lechon sandwich and chicharones. She didn’t tell until after she’d eaten half a sandwich and a couple of the chicharones that she doesn’t eat pork. But it was so good she didn’t want to tell us.

The party that night was a Hollywood themed 40th birthday party. It was fantastic. The birthday boy’s wife and sister pulled out all the stops. We partied till 3:00am. I was reminded this morning as I woke up with swollen feet and knees that I’m not as young as I pretend to be. But I’ve still got party left in me. Everyone was decked out in their Hollywood best!

For breakfast I wanted to go to my favorite breakfast place Chuck Wagon. My other friend Elena, my parents, and my sister joined us. 8 adults and half as many kids made for a good time.

From there we went home to pack up our stuff and head to meet up with Carolyn’s family, the party people from the night before at a Miami staple La Carreta. This is Spanish done the way it should be. We didn’t eat with them since we’d just come from breakfast. But I did get us some chicken and beef empanadas, guava y queso pastelitos and freshly squeezed orange juice.

It wasn’t a long weekend. But driving home now, I feel like I was run over by a truck, you know, in a good way…


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