I give in…

Who-Hi! My name is Carmen. I was born in Dothan, AL while my dad was in the Army. From there we moved to Germany. Where I’m told I traveled all over a Europe on either my mom or dad’s back. It’s probably where my love for all things travel came from. From Germany we moved to Miami. This is where the rest of my family lived. I lived there for over 20 years before moving to Orlando only 3 years ago.

What-We’re going to talk about travel here.

Where- I’ll be talking about travel in the US and over seas.

When – Lets go back and then we’ll catch up to the NOW!

Why – Because I love to travel, and I love to talk about it. And best of all, I love to take pictures of it all. And because everyone always says I should.


This picture was taken in July this year in Nicaragua. It was our (Carolyn, Chris and I) first night at the Villa.


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